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Bollard - foldable

Folding steel barrier post for vehicle control and security.
Bollard is locked in the raised position with a padlock.
When padlock is removed, bollard may be lowered to ground to allow for access.
Steel construction.
Powder coat yellow or galvanized finish.
This post features a red stripe, making it highly visible to both Vehicles and Pedestrians.

Model       Length      Width.     Height.    Tube Thickness.     Base size. 


PB-IH70.    70mm.       70mm.     700mm.          3mm.       170mm x 115mmn

Removable Bollards

Removable bollards are ideal for locations with changing access needs. When installed, upright posts create clear, visual barriers that prevent vehicle access  and un-obstructed pedestrian flow.


Sustainable Traffic Calming Ideas by CTS
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