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Company Profile

The expertise behind CTS

Richard McKie is the head Consultant at CTS - Creative Traffic Solutions, a traffic calming company backed by years of industry experience.

Before establishing CTS, Richard spent over 15 years working with the concept, design and development of traffic calming products such as Rubber Roundabouts and Removable Traffic Islands.

The idea behind the Rubber Roundabout originated out of the need to provide and remove pathways for annual events such as the Santos Tour Down Under cycling event. Richard was instrumental in introducing these products into the Australian and New Zealand market.

Richards  traffic calming career began at Saferoads in the late 1990s, where as Sales and National Product Manager for Australia and New Zealand, he gained valuable years of experience and knowledge.


Richard’s involvement in numerous projects with the state road authorities throughout Australia, led to the subsequent development of the recycled rubber products now used in traffic calming products.


Presenting various public speeches and conducting traffic seminars for engineers in a number of countries including Australia, Thailand and New Zealand, Richard has shared his experience and valuable insights into traffic calming solutions.


He has also worked with Peter Damen and Dr Ray Brindle on many LATM seminars throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Prior to his involvement and employment in the traffic calming industry, Richard worked for over 20 years in a corporate environment, with the position of National Marketing Manager for Pacific Dunlop Ltd being one of these appointments.


Richard’s ability to focus on the needs of the market, makes his position in the industry unique. He can provide you with a broad range of innovative products to meet your specific needs. Richard’s experience, knowledge and insight means CTS can provide an affordable answer to unique or complex requirements for your projects.

Rubber Speed Cushions, Rubber Roundabouts, Rubber kerbing Islands, Rubber Separation Kerb, Tram Separation Kerb, Rubber Wheel Stops, Bicycle Lane separation, Bollards, Rubber Lanemaker, Modular Pedestrian Crossing, Small Speed Humps

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