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Kerbing & Traffic Islands

kerbing & traffic islands
kerbing & traffic islands1
Ararat (25)
Semi Mountable Kerb
Ararat (43)
Ararat (37)
Ararat (41)
Islands (2)
Traffic Islands - also known as Refuge Islands

Made of 100% recycled rubber, CTS Traffic Islands are an ecological and innovative way of providing solutions for your traffic calming needs.

At CTS each of the landscape is design by your suggestion and the Traffic Island sizes can be tailored to suit your design.


Rubber Kerbing

CTS Kerbing is manufactured using recycled White Rubber - the profiles are Mountable and Barrier, consistent with other profiles available in the market. Our Radius sizes are 300mmr 500mmr and 1000mmr, and CTS can produce Traffic Islands to suit your needs


Product Features

• Available in many different sizes and variety of infill options for your consideration
• Long lasting and cost-effective
• Manufactured from recycled rubber
• Quicker and easier installation methods

Sustainable Traffic Calming Ideas by CTS
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