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Rubber Roundabouts

Rubber Roundabout by CTS (18)
Rubber Roundabout by CTS (14)
Rubber Roundabout by CTS (13)
Rubber Roundabout by CTS
Roundabout photo
Rubber Roundabout by CTS (24)
Roundabout Install 2
Rubber Roundabouts are simple to install, by connecting the units and securing them to the road.

​The CTS Roundabout segments are 1000mm long, providing a larger apron. The Terracotta Colour or Black and White is moulded into the product (no painting), and the m4 profile kerbing at the front is moulded white and includes built in reflectors for better visibility at night. Each segment has a unique linking system that securely links each piece together with its neighbour, and the fastening positions have been designed for a very secure fit into the pavement. A 6 metre Roundabout only has 40 segments and is very quick to install.


The installation of a Rubber Roundabout can be completed in half a day - the sections are bolted directly to the road surface. The cost is a very effective as it minimises traffic disruption during installation and the roundabout is operational immediately. Available in many different sizes and variety of infill options for your consideration.

• Modular design
• Manufactured from recycled rubber
• Fast installation
• No excavation necessary
• Can be used as a permanent or temporary solution


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