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Kerbing & Traffic Islands


Highlighting Features


Made from recycled rubber

Available in different sizes

Quicker Installation

Tough and flexible


Extremely durable

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kerbing & traffic islands
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Product Features

  • Available in many different sizes and a variety of infill options for your consideration 

  • Long-lasting and cost-effective 

  • Manufactured from recycled rubber 

  • Quicker and easier installation methods 


All TPA products comply with Government Standards

If you’re looking for a kerbing contractor in Australia to help enhance traffic flow and the road's safety, Traffic Products Australia is your best choice! We offer rubber kerbing services, which are cost-effective and durable! 

Traffic Islands - also known as Refuge Islands


Also known as refuge islands, our traffic islands are made of 100% recycled rubber because we make sure to provide ecological and innovative solutions for your traffic calming needs.  At TPA, we discuss with our clients to ensure that the landscape design and traffic island sizes will suit their needs.  

Rubber Kerbing


As one of the leading companies that focus on ecological innovations and offer rubber kerbing in Australia, our kerbing is manufactured using white rubber. The profiles are also mountable and barrier—to be consistent with other profiles available in the market. Additionally, TPA provides recycled rubber kerbing in different radius sizes: 300 mmr, 500 mmr, and 1000 mmr. 

Semi-Barrier Rubber Kerb 


With a height of 15 cm above the pavement, semi-barrier rubber kerbs are used for car park safety and to avoid vehicle encroachment on the parking lot. 

Bullnose Centre Island 


Bullnose kerbs installation can be on industrial, commercial, and domestic sites, providing softer profile edge restraints. It can also be for centre islands to help calm traffic. 

Tree Surrounds Rubber Kerb 


As the name suggests, this type of rubber kerbing serves as a transitional kerb in paving. It surrounds a tree situated on pavements or streets. 

Road Closure Rubber Kerb


Another use for our recycled rubber kerbing is for road closure or to signal that it is the end of the parking bay. We can install road closure rubber kerbs in car parks, airports, shopping centres, and other commercial areas. 

Semi-Mountable Rubber Kerb


Another rubber kerbing profile our kerbing contractors can provide is the semi-mountable rubber kerb. It is an excellent solution to block the edges of paved roads and driveways. Plus, you can remove and reuse these rubber kerbings. 

Product Features


Boundary Definition: 


Our rubber kerbs clearly define the separation between the road and pedestrian areas and act as a protective barrier, preventing vehicles from encroaching onto sidewalks.


Structural Support: 


They provide structural support to the road surface, extending its longevity.


Traffic Control: 


Our rubber traffic islands help guide and manage vehicle flow, reducing traffic jams.


Adding Greenery: 


Some traffic islands have plants and landscaping, making cities greener.


Customisable Designs: 


Our products are available in many different sizes and various infill options, which allows adaptation to specific traffic needs.




Our rubber kerbs provide a cost-effective option for cities, combining durability and value.


Made from Recycled Rubber: 


We're proud to use recycled rubber in crafting our products, helping the environment.


Simple Installation: 


Our products are easy to install, saving time and effort.

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