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Rubber Roundabouts

Highlighting Features


Made from recycled rubber

Modular design

Fast Installation

Tough and flexible

1000mm long

Extremely durable

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Rubber Roundabout by CTS (18)
Rubber Roundabout by CTS (14)
Rubber Roundabout by CTS (13)
Rubber Roundabout by CTS
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Rubber Roundabout by CTS (24)
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Product Features


• Modular design
• Manufactured from recycled rubber
• Fast installation
• No excavation necessary
• Can be used as a permanent or temporary solution


All TPA products comply with Government Standards

Our rubber roundabout segments are 1000mm long. Each segment has a unique linking system that securely links each piece together with its neighbour, and a 6-metre roundabout only has 40 segments and is very quick to install.


The installation of a rubber Roundabout can be completed in half a day. The cost is very effective as it minimises traffic disruption during installation, and the roundabout is operational immediately. Available in many different sizes with different colours.

What are the rubber roundabouts:


Rubber roundabouts, a type of traffic roundabout made from recycled rubber sourced from recycled tyres, are more durable and environmentally friendly than traditional concrete or asphalt roundabouts, and they offer better safety features, such as improved shock absorption during vehicle impacts. These roundabouts are prefabricated, allowing for quick and easy on-site installation reducing construction time and associated disruptions.


What are the benefits of rubber roundabouts:

  • Constructed from recycled materials, these roundabouts are environmentally friendly and promote sustainability.

  • The rubber composition offers superior shock absorption, increasing safety for drivers and pedestrians in collisions.

  • More economical over time, their installation is faster and requires less labour, as these roundabouts are often prefabricated.

  • Made from robust rubber, these roundabouts withstand various weather conditions, leading to a longer lifespan and reduced repair needs.

  • The rubber surfaces effectively diminish traffic noise, resulting in a quieter environment surrounding the roundabout.


What are the features of our rubber roundabouts?


We represent a commitment to safer and more sustainable traffic solutions. Here are some special features that make our roundabouts a superior choice:

Eco-Friendly Construction: 


We made them from recycled rubber tyres, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional materials.

Innovative Modular Design: 


The modular design of these roundabouts, with each segment being 1000mm long, facilitates easy transportation and quick on-site assembly. This flexibility ensures our roundabouts can easily meet various road layouts and traffic requirements.

Enhanced Safety Features: 


We prioritise safety in our design. The rubber material provides a softer impact in a collision, reducing accident severity. The M4 profile kerbing with built-in reflectors also ensures better visibility, especially at night.

Durability and Weather Resistance: 


The strength of rubber makes our roundabouts durable and weather-resistant, ensuring longevity and low maintenance costs.

Superior Traction for Safety: 

They enhance traction, improving vehicle safety in various weather conditions, including rain and snow.

Visually Attractive: 

They are available in Terracotta, Black and White, and other colour options. They can seamlessly integrate into different landscapes, enhancing the area's aesthetic appeal.


Rapid and Cost-Effective Installation: 

A 6-metre roundabout requires only 40 segments and can be installed in half a day. This efficiency minimises traffic disruption and makes a cost-effective solution.

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