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Separation Kerbing

Highlighting Features


Made from recycled rubber

Reflective coating

Quicker Installation

Tough and flexible

700mm & 900mm

Extremely durable

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Separation kerbing with 90cm panels

Separation kerbing with 90cm panels

Separation kerb



Separation Kerb with 90cm flexible panel



Separation kerb



Separation kerb



Separation kerb with 70cm flexible panel



Separation kerb with universal panel solution



CTS Separation Kerb. Suits Bollard style, flexible panel & Saferoads posts

Product Features

  • Provisions for either a Flexible panel, bollard style post or Saferoads panel

  • Reflective coating for improved visibility at night

  • Heavier & more durable design (Now 21kg vs 15kg)

  • Flexible panel options 700mm & 900mm

  • Separation kerb come in 1000mm lengths


All TPA products comply with Government Standards

We have been hard at it over the last 12 months redesigning our branded separation kerb range in Australia, which was quite dated and very similar to what's available via other suppliers. So after 12 months of testing, we're happy to announce the launch of our new design which offers more features and a much stronger & more durable design. We're excited to introduce this innovative, updated range to our customers, confident that it will establish a new standard of quality in the industry.

What are Rubber Separation Kerbs?


Rubber separation kerbs are innovative traffic management solutions. These kerbs are made from strong rubber and separate bike lanes, pedestrian paths, and vehicle lanes. Due to their flexibility and strength, they prove to be an excellent solution for urban areas. They manage traffic flow very well and keep pedestrians safe. Compared to traditional concrete kerbs, rubber separation kerbs are much easier to install and can be quickly fitted on various road layouts.


What are the Benefits of Rubber Separation Kerbs?


These kerbs increase safety. Their design aims to decrease impact during vehicle collisions, thereby protecting both drivers and pedestrians. these kerbs have the feature of exceptional durability. Made from robust rubber, they endure extreme weather and wear and tear, ensuring a long lifespan.


These rubber kerbs are installed more easily and quickly than traditional concrete kerbs,offers ease of installation. They are also cost-effective, requiring less maintenance over time. Being made of recycled materials, they are environmentally friendly. These kerbs excel in Improved traffic management, effectively and distinctly separating roads, thus keeping both vehicles and pedestrians safe.

Features of Our Rubber Separation Kerbs?

We are a leading rubber traffic supplier in Australia because our products are always ahead of our competitors. We discuss some features of our rubber separation kerbs below, so you'll know about the superior quality and the benefits they bring to our customers.


Durable Material:


Our separation kerbs are made from high-quality, durable rubber, they can withstand various weather conditions and are very durable. 


Flexible and Versatile Design:


We pay great attention to our kerbs' flexibility and versatile design to ensure they adapt to different road surfaces and layouts. Our kerbs feature either a flexible panel, a bollard-style post, or a Saferoads panel, enhancing their versatility. 


Easy Installation:


Our kerbs are easier and faster to install than traditional kerbs due to their design. 


Enhanced Safety Features


The rubber material of our kerbs provides a softer impact during vehicle collisions, and we also apply reflective coating to increase visibility at night and ensure safety for road users. 

Environment Friendly:


We use recycled rubber in our kerbs, which reduces waste material and makes them environmentally friendly. 


Effective Traffic Management:


Our rubber separation kerbs separate different road sections with high visibility, increasing safety for bicycles, vehicles, and pedestrians. They come in 1000mm lengths suitable for various urban settings. 


Heavier and More Durable Design:


Our kerbs now feature a heavier and more durable design with 21kg compared to the previous 15kg, ensuring enhanced stability and longevity. 


Flexible Panel Options:


We offer flexible panel options in 700mm and 900mm sizes to meet the needs and preferences of different urban planning.

Need More Details About Our Product?


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