Rubber Speed Cushions

Speed Cushion
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Speed Cushion by CTS (3)
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Ground level car park 1 Way
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Security Office Entry
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Speed Cushion
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Rubber Speed Cushion by CTS
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Speed Cushion New Surface by CTS
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New Surface Speed Cushion by CTS
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Product features

​TPA Speed Cushions are made of the highest quality through the use of recycled rubber and they are flexible which means they can be relocated if needed. They're tough enough to withstand large vehicle use and can be installed & trafficable within hours. 


Each segment links together using unique connectors which are installed underneath which makes for a very secure installation into the road surface.


The Piano Key Marking is moulded white rubber for durability and includes a cat's eye reflector moulded into the segments.


• High quality product
• Made from recycled rubber
• Built in reflectors
• 3 Year warranty
• Tough and flexible
• Modular design
• Help reduce accidents

• 75mm height

• Various widths available

• No excavation necessary 

• Flexible - it can be removed and relocated if necessary​

• Installations can be completed in as little as under 2 hours

• Extremely durable and tough for heavy vehicles and high volume traffic


All TPA products comply with Government Standards


Sustainable Traffic Calming Ideas by TPA
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