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Traffic Calming is a term used for a variety of devices designed for road speed management. This contributes to increased road safety, a better quality of life for residents and more user-friendly neighbourhoods.  When councils consider the use of traffic calming measures, limits must be consistent with the environment as well as the characteristics of the road and the sides of the road.

Traffic calming Australia with our innovative products and services.

Traffic calming measures including Speed Cushions, Speed Humps, Raised Crosswalks (Modular Pedestrian Crossing), Rubber Roundabouts and Rubber Kerb Islands are many of the innovative solutions  that Traffic Products Australia can provide.

Traffic calming is a valuable resource for local councils, to ensure improved safety for users of urban roads, particularly vulnerable users such as cyclists and pedestrians.

Sustainable Traffic Calming Ideas by Traffic Products Australia
We are also proud to be doing our bit for the environment by turning rubber tyres that reach end of life into innovative, high quality, fit-for-purpose products which save time, money and more importantly provide safer roads for us all.
​Traffic Products Australia is a proud supplier of Traffic Calming Products backed by more than 20 years of industry expertise. We supply rubber roundabout, speed cushions, traffic islands, separation kerbs, and many other traffic calming solutions. Our products are made of 100% recycled rubber, an ecological and innovative solution.


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“The management of speeds remains one of the biggest challenges facing road safety practitioners…” (WHO, 2008).

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