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Rubber Pedestrian/Wombat Crossings


Highlighting Features


Made from recycled rubber

Modular design

Installations under 2 Hours

Tough and flexible

75mm height

5 Years Warranty

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Product Features


• Installations can be completed in as little as under 2 hours 
• No excavation necessary 

• Pedestrian marking for improved visibility

• Tough and flexible 

• Modular design 
• Variable widths with 75mm height​ 
• Made from recycled rubber 
• Flexible - it can be removed and relocated if necessary​ 
• Extremely durable and tough for heavy vehicles and high volume traffic 
• Help reduce accidents while protecting pedestrians

• 5 Year Warranty


All TPA products comply with Government Standards

Our pedestrian crossing, also known as a Wombat crossing, features the same unique linking system as our other products. Each segment interlocks with the next, ensuring a very strong installation on the road surface. The Piano Key Marking is molded from durable white rubber and includes cat's eye reflectors molded into the segments. The pedestrian crossing segments are 500mm x 500mm inserts that easily connect to the rest of the structure.

What is a Rubber Pedestrian Crossing?


Rubber pedestrian crossings are a type of zebra crossing made from rubber. They are designed to facilitate road crossing for people safely. Unlike traditional crossings made from concrete or asphalt, these are entirely made of rubber. This makes them more visible on the road and gives them a distinct identity.


What are the benefits of rubber pedestrian crossing:


Wombat crossings feature a rubber composition that provides a slip-resistant surface, which is particularly beneficial in reducing the risk of accidents in rainy or snowy weather.

These crossings are more durable than traditional ones made from materials like asphalt. They can withstand heavy foot traffic and various weather conditions without significant damage. This durability makes them cost-effective over the long term.

Rubber crossings are quickly and easily installed, causing minimal disruption to traffic and pedestrians. Their flexibility allows them to conform to different road surfaces. They are made from recycled materials, making them environmentally friendly.


What are the Features of our Rubber Pedestrian Crossing:

Unique Linking System: 


Our crossings feature a unique linking system that guarantees a strong and stable installation, consistent with the quality found in our other products.

Sturdy Piano Key Marking: 


We include molded white rubber for piano key markings in our crossings, which enhances durability and visibility. Additionally, each segment is equipped with cat's eye reflectors for increased safety.

Standard Segment Size:


We use a standard segment size in our pedestrian crossing segments, measuring 500mm x 500mm, designed for easy connectivity and integration with the overall structure.

Fast Installation: 


Our rubber crossings can be installed in less than two hours, minimizing disruption and time constraints.

No Digging Required: 


Our installation process eliminates the need for excavation making it simpler and more eco-friendly.

Rigid and Flexible:


They are designed to withstand various environmental conditions, being both rigid and flexible.

Modular Design and Various Widths: 


Our modular design with a 75mm height makes our crossings suitable for all types of roads.

Eco-Friendly Material: 


Made from recycled rubber, our crossings are environmentally friendly.

Removable and Reusable: 


The flexibility of our product allows it to be easily removed and repositioned as needed.

Increased Durability for Heavy Traffic: 


Our design enables it to withstand heavy vehicles and high-volume traffic while maintaining durability.

5-Year Warranty: 


We stand by the quality of our products. Our crossing come with a 5-year warranty, highlighting our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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